Common Ground 2015

The Event

Common Ground: Hutt Public Art Festival 2015 was a week long free public art festival which took place between Saturday 28 February and Saturday 7 March 2015 in Dowse Square, Riddiford Gardens and the About Space sites in Hutt City’s CBD. It featured temporary public art projects that seek to infuse the city with art activities that invite you to join in.

The name, Common Ground was chosen to reflect the inclusive nature of the art projects, suggesting projects that encourage participation and make links with local geography, history and communities.

The festival will be supported by a programme of free art workshops open to people of all ages.

The Background

Common Ground came about as a way of raising the visibility of the arts in Hutt City. We want to provide the local community with high quality, fun, engaging art experiences and contributing to a clean, safe and connected CBD.

Common Ground is intended to alternate with Banks Shoes Shapeshifter, a popular public sculpture exhibition held in Riddiford Garden. This biennial event is a pilot for Hutt City Council. It is therefore going to be small, manageable and easily accessible for people by being located mainly in the central city.

The People

Common Ground seeks to foster creative collaborations between performers, artists, local communities, businesses and the public.

The 2015 Team

Project Leader: Pippa Sanderson, Community Arts and Cultural Advisor at Hutt City Council
Project Manager: Jo Mair

Selection Panel: The selection panel is made up of council staff and people from the arts community. Chaired by Pippa Sanderson, panel members include Sian van Dyk, Acting Senior Curator, The Dowse Art Museum, Jo Mair, Mark Amery and Sophie Jerram, Letting Space, Erica Duthie, local public arts practitioner and director of Tape Art, Lillian Hetet, representing Te Atiawa and David Balm, representing council’s Community Arts and Culture Advisory Group.

Design Director: Michael Pester
Design Intern: Mattea Wait
Website Interns: Douglas Styles
Social Media Intern: Mackenzie Paton

Common Ground organisers would like to thank: The Chartwell Trust for their support, our interns, The Dowse Art Museum, the members of our selection panel and Hutt City Council’s Community Arts and Culture Advisory Group.

You can see all of the 2015 events below: