Anna Bailey: Whisper Box

Sat 28 February & Sat 7 March
10.30am–12.30pm & 1.30–4.30pm
Dowse Square

Whisper Box presents a hidden world for two, inspired by Walter De La Mare’s poem The Listener. The poem is based on a traveller returning to an abandoned house. It deals with feelings of isolation attempting to make sense of the world around you.

In this intimate and brief (5 minute) experience, the audience of two will have a private view into this fantastical world, taking on the role of ‘the Traveller’ in the poem. Anna uses a combination of shadows, puppetry, cut outs, lights and mirrors to create the illusion of a ghostly world of memory that will entrance and surprise.

This show for people to share with someone else (a friend or stranger) and should appeal to audiences from ages 8 upwards.

Anna Bailey (String Bean Puppets) is a Wellington puppeteer dedicated to sharing the wonder and magic of puppetry. Anna is a traveling puppeteer, performing locally in a variety of settings and overseas in Street Theatre Festivals, Puppet festivals, Children’s Theatre Festivals and Fringe Festivals.

Anna performs intimate and lyrical string puppet shows, raucous slapstick Pulcinella shows, interactive walkabout characters and mobile puppet shows.

She is an experienced street performer transforming public spaces into magical worlds, surprising and delighting unsuspecting passers by. She also performs in indoor and theatre spaces. Her performances are enjoyed by all ages from pre-schoolers to adults.

Date: February 11, 2014