Victoria Singh: Reflections

Sat 28 February, 11am–5pm
Dowse Square
Sun 1 March, 11am–5pm
Dowse Square
Tues 3 – Wed 4 March, 11am–2pm
Riddiford Gardens
Sat 7 March, 11am–5pm
Lawn outside The Dowse Art Museum

Reflections is artist Victoria Singh’s personal one on one interaction with you. Sitting before a free-standing mirror with an empty seat beside her she invites you to interact with her through the mirror. Her work operates at the intersection between life and art and aims to alter your perception of your day after encountering it.

Through the work the artist explores ideas of space and perception. Mirrors are a reflection but also a distortion of reality and can make us keenly aware of our gestures and ourselves. Looking into a mirror in public can be an unnerving experience for many.

Mirrors are a rich source of symbolism and imagery in fairy tales and spiritual journeys. Historically they have been a symbol of wisdom and self-knowledge as well as vanity and deception. Reflections challenges the notion of how we interact with each other with the mirror serving as an interface—capturing reality without feeling like being in “reality”.

The artist will perform this work for the duration of Common Ground in different locations on different days. In the case of wet weather you can find Victoria in the convervatory or the Tutakiwi Orchid House in Riddiford Gardens.

Date: February 01, 2014