Tane Moleta & Mizuho Nishioka: DigitalFields*

28 February – 7 March
Riddiford Gardens
The ‘Bureau’ at the War Memorial Library is now planned to run Sat 7 March & Sunday 8 March

DigitalFields* is a project that explores the relationship between the public, the natural environment and contemporary technology.

The project focuses on encouraging people to spend time in existing green spaces, asking us to take note of what is around us and available for interaction. It aims to utilise modern technology as an interface for engagement and encourage different forms of participation with the natural spaces available in Hutt City. The project harnesses elements of urban design, photography and installation art, 3D printing, product design, and digital design to look at the sociological uses of urban space.

For DigitalFields*, Tane Moleta and Mizuho Nishioka have identified Riddiford Gardens as a site that exhibits a number of sought after qualities including high levels of biodiversity and easy access to and from the CBD.

The project spans two physical sites and virtual space: Riddiford Gardens, a ‘Bureau’ in the War Memorial Library and social media. In Riddiford Gardens the artists will set up a series of fixed positions to encourage the public to stop, slow down and explore the site through photography. This also opens the project to the vast power of social networking opportunities. The ‘Bureau’ will operate as a hub for exploration of the project. Digital outcomes in the forms of Google maps, social networks and 3D printed objects will be documented at the Bureau.

Tane Moleta lectures in Interdisciplinary Digital Design at Victoria University’s School of Architecture. He is the recipient of several design awards and sits on the Kapiti District Council Public Art Panel.

Mizuho Nishioka is a Wellington based artist who is completing her PhD at Massey University. She has won numerous photography awards and has exhibited her work around the country since 2002.

Date: February 04, 2014