Bent: All of Us

28 Feb – 7 March, All day
Locations: Belmont, Avalon Public Hall (Mabey Road), Naenae Pool, and on two walls near the Dowse
The works can be seen at any time during the week of the festival at the various locations.

All of Us explores the everyday and its ability to stimulate conversation, investigation and humour. When is a pigeon not a pigeon? Maybe when it’s 2m high and staring at us eye to eye. Consisting of a number of large-scale wheat paste-ups, All of Us will insert itself into a number of suburbs across the Hutt Valley inviting exploration and contemplation.

Wellington artist, Bent developed the pigeon paste-ups in an attempt to highlight a sense of community in urban spaces. They are a sign of diversity and individuality. All of Us is an ongoing, national project that will be appearing for the first time in Hutt Valley as part of Common Ground.

Bent is a Wellington based street artist working over different mediums. Bent’s practice is focused largely but not exclusively on photography, wheat pasting and the fine art of urban access. His works depict subjects which are relatable to the context of any townsman/townswoman, of any age, any city.

Other media Bent has tampered with, include; audio, audiovisual, public sculpture and public installation.


Date: February 09, 2014