Alien Junk Monsters

Saturday 28 February, 11am–noon
Dowse Square
Workshop – Make your own funky percussive instrument from junk
Sunday 1 March, 1.30–3pm
The Dowse Art Museum
To register for this workshop please contact The Dowse on bookings@dowse.org.nz or 04 570 6500

Alien Junk Monsters has to be seen to be believed. Come along and experience what can only be described as an out of this world experience. Increasing waste accumulation combined with mutagenic toxins and possible extra-terrestrial influences has led to the evolution of a new life form: Alien Junk Monsters!

However the news is not all bad, as these fellas love to BOOGIE.

Created from waste materials, the Alien Junk Monsters are here to entertain with their funky percussive antics, while promoting a message of waste‐minimisation, recycling and the creative re‐use of waste material.

If you’re keen on making your own funky percussive instrument from recycled materials, Alien Junk Monsters will be running a free workshop too.


Date: February 12, 2014