Artist Portfolios - Artist Portfolios

If you visit New Zealand, you will notice beautiful sculptures and street art. These artworks have made the streets of New Zealand more aesthetically appealing. It also attracts tourists and they remember the country because of the artwork.

Here you will know about some of the artists who are behind these beautiful creations.

Neil Dawson

He is one of the most renowned sculptors in New Zealand. Most of his work involves aluminium and stainless steel. He is also famous for his city portraits. He gets inspiration for most of his artworks while travelling to different places. You will see his wonderful work in Cathedral Square, Christchurch.

Michael Parekowhai

He is a famous sculptor and photographer. His works mostly contain cultural themes. He represents art in forms that engage with audiences. ‘The Lighthouse’, the weatherboard state house sculpture is one of his best creations.

Greer Twiss

He is a renowned sculptor in New Zealand. He has made different public sculptures all over the country. He was invited as a guest to contribute to the Sculpture Park during the Seoul Olympics. He works with lead, bronze, fibreglass, and other materials.

These artists have inspired others to create beautiful artworks like them. You will see their works in different parts of New Zealand and outside the border as well.