An artist is someone who wins people’s hearts through their creativity. You cannot bind an artist to rules or boundaries; that way, his or her creativity will be affected. Artists can display their creativity in different forms. They use different mediums for their work and each medium has a different appeal. Here we are going to discuss the various mediums they use. Painting Most artists use canvas to paint. It still holds a good market share in the arts industry. As people’s income has increased, more people can now afford to buy paintings for their homes. So, you will find lots of people attending paintingRead More →


If you ever plan to visit New Zealand then you should do so at the time of public art festivals. Several festivals take place throughout the year and people enjoy taking part in them. Both local and international artists take part in them, making the days full of creativity and fun. Here are the most popular art festivals in New Zealand. Splore It is an annual event that is very popular in Auckland. It usually takes place in a beautiful setting near the coast and goes on for a few days. People dress up their best according to the specific theme of the festival. ThereRead More →


In New Zealand, the government has given importance to art in decorating its streets and buildings. That’s why you will find art everywhere,whether its walls, streets or other places, you will find the love these people have for art. Wellington and Christchurch are famous for its street art. Here we are going to discuss the various street art that will astonish you. Cuba street art It is known as one of the liveliest streets of Wellington. People visit this street to have a stroll in the afternoon or to have a cup of coffee with friends. Another reason they come here is to have aRead More →