about commongroundfestival - AboutNew Zealand is a great place for art lovers. You can see the touch of art in the entire country. There are street art, sculptures, wall art, museums, art galleries, and more. People here are fond of art and they use art wherever they can.

They use it for visual aesthetics or communication as well. Several art festivals take place every year where thousands of people gather from all over the world.

These festivals allow people to appreciate the art of New Zealand, look into the works of classic and modern artists, attend competitions and have lots of fun.

This magazine is about public art festivals in New Zealand. The City Council of New Zealand emphasizes public art to make the city look beautiful. The art also sends important messages to the public, like the importance of a location, or remembering great events and people.

Here you will find articles on different public art forms and artists. You will get to learn the stories behind them. You will know why different festivals are held every year and how to participate in them.

You will read articles about the importance of public art displays and why there should be more of it. We also share information on the outcome of various public art festivals.

Our magazine shares examples of beautiful public art in New Zealand, pictures from previous public art festivals, and more. You will also find the event calendar for the New Zealand public art festivals here.

You will know about the artists who have created the beautiful public art pieces you see all over New Zealand. This magazine will tell you about the important public art displays in New Zealand and the stories behind them. You will know why artworks are significant.

Art not only looks beautiful, but it is also a wonderful way of expression. Things that you cannot say in words, can be expressed using art. You will know about the importance of public art in a country. Our magazine is full of amazing stories of public art festivals in New Zealand.

We update our magazine with new articles every day, so you will get something new to read frequently. You will get information about any public art event here. We hope you will have a great time reading our content.