6 Popular Art Festivals in New Zealand


If you ever plan to visit New Zealand then you should do so at the time of public art festivals. Several festivals take place throughout the year and people enjoy taking part in them.

Both local and international artists take part in them, making the days full of creativity and fun. Here are the most popular art festivals in New Zealand.


It is an annual event that is very popular in Auckland. It usually takes place in a beautiful setting near the coast and goes on for a few days. People dress up their best according to the specific theme of the festival.

There will be music, dance, performing arts, theatre plays, workshops and even camps. You will be highly mesmerized by the visual arts that will be displayed here.

New Zealand International Arts Festival

This festival comprises of about 300 exhibitions. Both local and international talents are showcased here. You will enjoy looking at their masterpieces while learning more about art by taking part in this festival.

The artists portray the culture, heritage, and other aspects of life through their art and you will know more about the Kiwi tradition and culture through their works.

6 Popular Art Festivals in New Zealand art festival - 6 Popular Art Festivals in New Zealand

New Zealand Fringe Festival

It is a great festival for supporting local talent. If anyone in the community is creative, then this is the best platform to display their creativity. Here you will see the works of contemporary artists.


It is also called the ‘world’s festival’. Artists from around the world gather here. You will see different forms of dance, music, and art here. There are workshops to discuss industry trends and more.

Auckland Festival of Photography

This visual arts event will give you a glimpse of the different cities of New Zealand. You will learn about people, culture, and tradition through the lens of the photographer.

Napier Art Deco Festival

This event will take you back to the time of glitz and glamour. There will be a parade, concerts, fashion shows, and more. Thousands of people come here from over the world to go back in time and have a great time celebrating art, culture, and life.

These festivals are unique, and you will hardly find anything like this elsewhere. These festivals are ways to show their culture and originality to the rest of the world. Visitors get the unique opportunity to experience the creative scene of New Zealand.

They will see the works of great artists from New Zealand and also from the other parts of the world.